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Your Village Sleep Consultant

Hi, I'm Vera Boessenrodt, Certified Baby & Child Sleep Consultant

I am the Mum of two little monsters, a son and a daughter, who keep me very busy.


​I am a trained Social Worker with nearly 20 years of work experience, having had the privilege of being allowed to support families throughout various challenging times in their lives.


When it comes to the sleep support I am offering, my approach is holistic, individual, judgement free & based on science, while making sure to extend my knowledge continuously further, based on the newest research available.


With my professional background on giving not only practical, but even more emotional support to families from all walks of live & my passion to make parents feel confident about their individual parenting choices, I am ready to walk beside you on this journey towards more rested sleep!


It takes your village to raise your child- allow me to be part of it!

Learn more about me and how I can support your family.

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Sleep Support with
Your Village

"It takes a village to raise a child " - and it takes your very own village to raise your individual child.

Why? Because it's hard work bringing up children and it's even harder, if we aren’t always surrounded by loving support through family & friends, who can share the load with us.

What we as parents are often surrounded by is constant judgement- for everything we do or don't!

We all need support from time to time, because nobody can do it all without any help- and there is no reason why we should have to.

At "Your Village- Baby & Child Sleep Support" I am committed to offer a bespoke sleep solution for more rested days and nights, individually tailored to your very own needs!

Ally: below this part of the text I would love the 4 pillars of my philosophy, visually appealing and put a bit in the centre- like I said, you did that here and I really liked it :) The text as follows:


Nurturing healthy sleep habits means to consider all factors that can have an impact on sleep itself: like nutrition, the sleep environment and of course the biological components, as they are all interconnected and should not be looked at in isolation.



No one size fits all, when finding the sleep solution that works for your family.

To support you and your child I will take into account their individual cognitive & emotional maturity, their temperament, as well as your very own parenting philosophy, so you can feel reassured that the plan put in place is exactly what you & your child need.



Building an atmosphere that you as parents can trust & feel supported by, without being judged for your individual needs & values and where you can talk about your desire for more rest, however you feel comfortable achieving it.



Making the science behind sleep more accessible to you, by educating you about the WHAT, WHY & HOW behind your child’s sleep development, while giving you the practical tools you need to introduce healthy sleep habits & trouble shoot challenges.

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Your Village Chat

45 minutes Express Consultation- perfect to talk through some of the smaller challenges, when it comes to your child's sleep!

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Your Village In- Home Support

One of my most popular support options, this package includes a 2 hr In- Home Consultation with hands on support during nap time & 1:1 ongoing support, after the initial consult.

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Your Village Virtual Support

One of my most popular support options, available online/ by phone and with 1:1 ongoing support, after the initial consultation.


Vera helped us reestablish a gentle routine with our 2 year old after she transitioned, rather abruptly, to a big bed - We were super consistent with our first child and it paid off but just didn’t have the time or energy second time!

Vera offered a great plan to follow and was on hand for support and advice in the evenings.

We went from having a 2 hour bedtime palaver and night wake ups, to having a no fuss bedtime and 12 hour sleeps again! This took about two weeks all up. Super stoked with the outcome and would highly recommend to anyone! She is a lovely person!

Rose H.

"Our 5 months old bubs would only sleep on me or bed share at night and woke every 60min... I was exhausted! Vera made a very detailed assessment and sleep plan which included troubleshooting ideas. She was supportive of our parenting style and very available via message for support and tips. Bubs now sleeps in own bed and sleeps for much longer stretches! Its so nice to have free hands and to be able to spend some time with my partner!

Thanks Vera"

Jaimee D.

"Vera helped us create healthy sleep habits for our 6 week old baby girl (4 weeks sleep corrected). She’s professional, incredibly caring and understanding. She put together a comprehensive plan (including a contingency plan) tailored for Lily and worked through it with us in person. She was available to answer all of our (many) questions and provided additional information where this would help us. Vera was respectful of our thoughts and never pushy. She is passionate about what she does and I would highly recommend her. Thanks for all your help Vera!"

Holly H.

What Well Rested Parents Say

Your Village Sleep Support has had the privilege to help families here in New Zealand, as well as internationally, to find the sleep solution that worked for them: for more rested days & nights and the confidence that there is a solution for every challenge! 

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