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It takes your village to raise your child
- I am here to be part of your very own village

- Vera

Vera Boessenrodt and children
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Vera Boessenrodt







my name is Vera, I am originally from Germany and have lived in New Zealand for almost 10 years now. I am a trained Social Worker with nearly 20 years of work experience, having had the privilege of being able to support families throughout challenging times in their lives.


I am a mother of two little children and I live with them and my partner on a rural property in Auckland. After my 1st child was born I experienced first hand how important a decent night's sleep is and what a difference professional sleep support can make: to be well rested enough to navigate the challenges of parenthood & to be the parent I wanted to be!

Once my 2nd child was born, I decided it was time for a change in career and I studied to become a Certified Baby & Child Sleep Consultant. With the help of my professional background, I'm able to give not only practical, but emotional support to people and families from various walks of life.

I have a great desire to make parents feel confident about their individual parenting choices and I am ready to walk beside you on this journey towards more rested sleep.


My Philosophy

"It takes a village to raise a child"

...and it takes your very own village to raise your individual child!


Because it's hard work to raise children and it's even harder without being surrounded by constant support through family and friends who can share the load with us.

What we as parents are often surrounded by is constant judgement- for everything we do or don't do.

Vera Boessenrodt - Baby & Child Sleep Consultant - Auckland, NZ

We all need support from time to time, because nobody can know and do it all without any help- and there is no reason why we should have to!


Support is here

At "Your Village" I am providing you with an individual Sleep Support for more rested days and nights, specifically tailored to your very own needs & parenting style.

I am looking forward to supporting you with my knowledge & compassion, while being your very personal cheerleader throughout your family’s journey towards more sleep!

Baby & child sleep training and support

My Approach


Nurturing healthy sleep habits means to consider all factors that can have an impact on sleep itself: like nutrition, the sleep environment and of course the biological components, as they are all interconnected and should not be looked at in isolation.


No one size fits all, when finding the sleep solution that works for your family.

To support you and your child I will take into account their individual cognitive & emotional maturity, their temperament, as well as your very own parenting philosophy, so you can feel reassured that the plan put in place is exactly what you & your child need.


Building an atmosphere that you as parents can trust & feel supported by, without being judged for your individual needs & values and where you can talk about your desire for more rest, however you feel comfortable achieving it.


Making the science behind sleep more accessible to you, by educating you about the WHAT & WHY behind your child’s sleep development, while giving you the practical tools you need to know HOW to introduce healthy sleep habits & trouble shoot challenges.

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