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Your Village Chat

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45 minutes Express Consultation- perfect to talk through some of the smaller challenges, when it comes to your child's sleep!

These can be for example:
* sleep regressions
* travelling and sleep
* day light savings
* transitioning into a big bed
* weaning of the dummy

After our chat I will be sending you an email with some handouts, tailored to your needs, as well as a short summary of the changes & tweaks we discussed.  

This option suits, if your child is already able to put themselves independently to sleep. 

If your child needs to learn how to self- settle to sleep, one of the options that come with a written plan and ongoing support will possibly be better suited to achieve your sleep goals. 

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All plans can be purchased online with a credit card or by a bank transfer.

YOUR VILLAGE 12-3188-0566682-00 (please use your name as reference)

Please note that all credit card payments will have a small transaction surcharge (comes up as GST). This is only part of the cost STRIPE is charging and due to being only a small business I have to pass this extra cost onto my customers 

If you decide to pay via bank transfer this extra charge will not apply! 

Shortly after your purchase, you will receive an email from me, setting up a time for our consultation.


If you have any questions regarding payment methods or scheduling, please contact me at or call me on 0279372848.

  • Your Village Chat

    Guiding you through some of the smaller challenges
    • For babies that can put themselves to sleep already
    • Sleep regressions
    • Travel and other sleep disruptions
    • (End of) Daylight savings
    • Transition to big bed
    • Weaning
    • ...and much more...
    • PREVIOUS CLIENTS: get in touch for a special discount

This support option doesn't fit your needs? Browse other group and individual options I offer here.

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